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Doodle Squad

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Sunil Paul

Born in Belgium, Sunil is of Indian descent but grew up in Rome, and Toronto. While his passion is in illustrating, he also has a penchant for playing competitive volleyball. Sunil wants to be known for some of his more unique qualities as opposed to "boring stuff he would put in an accounting resume", which includes playing the piano accordion for a few years! He is also an avid learner, having studied Mandarin and keelboat sailing also!

Eva He

Born as a Graphic Designer, Eva has a passion for art and beauty, balance and form. Not only does she have a diploma for Graphic Design from George Brown College, she also has a degree in Computer Science as well. Her mascot design previously made the 60 entry short list for the 2008 Beijing Olympics from a pool of over 300 submissions. She currently works as an Art Director for Kobayashi Online and focuses on websites, corporate branding, media marketing, print, and more...

Juan Gu

Juan loves designing, has a certificate in graphic design and hopes to obtain a masters degree. On she free time, she enjoys baking, hiking, photography, eating and drinking tea. She hopes to submit as many illustrations as she can at the best quality.

Nadia Salib

Nadia Salib is an avid doodler. From drawing on walls during toddlerhood to painting in Photoshop/Illustrator, her mind is always thinking of what to create next. She enjoys drawing fine art, as well as cartoons. She likes to incorporate her illustrations into her graphics. Every artist is unique in style, and to be able to integrate that into design makes the design more unique and valuable. In the future, she is hoping to learn animation and add to her skill sets. When she graduated college, she promised herself that she would never stop learning new things.

Harri Ojanen

Harri Ojanen, designer, illustrator and coffee enthusiast. Harri has been honing his craft for the last 10 years, with a special focus on clean and clever designs. When he's not polishing pixels for clients, Harri can be found eating donuts and drawing immature comic strips. He hopes to one day be able to grow a full, luscious mustache. 
Harri Ojanen Doodles
Harri Ojanen Website

Ken Hui

Ken Hui is a graduate of the OCADU Communication + Design program, and is currently a Toronto-based freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator with over 15 years of experience in the field. He started the HidekiProject graphic illustration series on Instagram in late 2014, as a creative outlet for quirky visual ideas. When he’s not designing, Ken spends his leisure time obsessing over video games, anime, manga, collectible toys, and other generally geeky pursuits.
Ken Hui Doodles
Ken Hui Website

Elizabeth (Ella) Baquiran

Ella graduated from OCAD U's graphic design program. Some of her interests include packaging design, and hand lettering. Most of her designs are drawn by hand before being scanned into the computer and edited. Please have a look at the rest of her collection for more cute designs.
Ella's Doodles
Ella's Website

Tiffani Hui

Tiffani Hui is a designer and illustrator who is born and raised in Toronto. From doodling at a young age, to pursing photography and film, to creating interactive art installations, and to designing custom tattoos, Tiffani is constantly exploring all realms of creativity. She loves a good challenge and is always looking for the next adventure. When she is not cooped up in her room drawing the night away she enjoys playing sports and stuffing her face with ice cream. 
Tiffani's Doodles
Tiffani's Website

Samantha Bowins

Samantha Bowins is a graphic designer based in Whitby, Ontario. She was born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada and has been living in Whitby now for 2 years but in Toronto for 7 years. She loves doodling and experimenting with different forms of media. When she is not designing and or working, she loves to fish and hike all the while spending time with her friends.
Samantha's Doodles
Samantha's Website

Daniel Ignacio

Daniel is a graphic/web designer, illustrator, and photographer based in Toronto. He loves drawing, doodling, painting, photographing, from objects, to portraits, especially landscape scenes. Most of his works are digital paintings and illustrations. Daniel is also into spoken poetry and music, and when he's not drawing, he is usually reading, writing, or playing a musical instrument.

Ryo Yonekawa

Ryo is an award winning designer based in Canada. His design ranges from products, graphics, and illustrations. Outside, Ryo can be found roaming beaches and ravines, shin-deep in local flora with a pen and a sketchbook in hand.

Consuelo Gundermann

Consuelo is a Graphic Designer and illustrator, specializing in children's illustrations and has been published in children magazines and books. She loves to create random characters and give them different personalities. She also likes playing soccer and fooling around on her longboard.
Consuelo's Doodles
Consuelo's Website     

Alena DeLong

As with most artists, Alena's passion for art started at a young age, studying graphic design at George Brown College. After working in the industry for a while, she decided to go back to school for creature design. If she's not creating creatures, or characters, you can find her at her community theatre, painting and creating props. Or you might find her exploring what the depths of the ocean has to offer.
Alena's Doodles
Alena's Website


Diana Velarde

Diana is a creative designer in Toronto, ON. She completed the Graphic Design Program and General Arts and Science Program in Ottawa, ON. With now over 3 years of experience working in Peru, Spain and Canada, she has extended her knowledge finding creative solutions for print and digital media as well as coming up with different marketing solutions. She is always up to date with the creative programs and enjoys learning of other creative tools and softwares. When she isn’t busy designing she is busy trying to complete her extended list of DIY projects or being a foodie.
Diana's Doodles


Ricardo Fortes

I am a graphic designer and Illustrator that is based in Toronto, Ontario. I have a BA in Graphic design and a minor study in Illustration from OCAD University. My range of skills spreads into facets of design, traditional  and digital painting, motion graphics, editorial design, branding, and package design. I am also very open to learning other matters of skill that are necessary for projects.
Ricardo's Doodles
Ricardo's Website


Olivia Poon

I am a graphic designer and 3D Modeler based in Toronto. I have a diploma from the Interaction Design and Development program at George Brown and is currently enrolled in 3D Modeling courses at Humber College. I like to create graphics and models that create a sense of awe and happiness. When I'm not creating things you can find me playing all sorts of games. 
Olivia's Doodles
Olivia's Website


Charmaine Yu

Charmaine is born and raised in Toronto with a passion for all things related to art. Always drawn to all things beautiful and cute, she has developed a tendency to capture and illustrate just that. Charmaine likes using different types of media for artistic expression. This includes photography, painting and digital arts.
Charmaine's Doodles

Jonathan Kang

My name is Jonathan Kang and I'm a freelance artist based in Toronto. I love design and illustration and telling simple stories through art.

Shamar Anderson

Art has always been a big part of my life growing up. I’ve always enjoyed the process of coming up with unique ideas or demonstrating a different perspective to what I normally see on a daily basis. With this skillset, I’ve managed to to build my own freelancing graphic design business called “8th Wonder Designs” which allowed me to work with diverse clients who have motivated me to attempt different approaches to capture their ideas and to take that motivation and apply to my own designs.

Shamar's Doodles
Shamar's Website


Vidya Patel

A graphic artist from Mumbai, India and currently resides in Toronto, ON. She recently graduated from Toronto Film School and with the previous 4 years of experience in the field of graphic design, she has worked in ad agencies and in-house. She’s prone to have a good eye for details and is passionate for art. Besides, her love for design her other side projects is photography, shooting, and editing videos and also enjoys listening to hip-hop music and loves to dance. 

Vidya's Doodles
Vidya's Website


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