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Dreamt up in Canada, Baby Nimbus is a platform to help promote and support local / up-and-coming doodlers (designers, illustrators, artists, etc). Our products act as a canvas for the doodlers to showcase their work. With this platform, we hope to shine a light on the doodlers, their work, and connect these wonderfully talented people with those looking for such talent. We help people get to know the doodlers through their designs, interviews, social media, as well as in-person events. 


A Little History

In the beginning, there were only Animal People; a time when Animals would live and play, just as you and I do today. Coyote was the first Animal Person, and because of this, The Great Spirit gave him many gifts, powers, and responsibilities.

As the Earth began to fill up with life, Coyote decided that to go on an adventure. He fashioned, formed, and shaped a little cloud so that he wouldn’t have to walk and be alone. He called the little cloud, “Baby Nimbus”.

Together, Coyote and Baby Nimbus floated around in the skies above, admiring all the beautiful things on Earth. Days turned to weeks, but all Coyote wanted to do was float around, looking and admiring. But Baby Nimbus had just been born. He was curious and young. He wanted to experience life for himself.

So one night, when Coyote was fast asleep, Baby Nimbus floated away so that he could experience all the wonderful things that the world has to offer.

And so, Baby Nimbus begins his adventure; encountering wonderful characters and experiencing many things for the first time…

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