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We Are Entitled To Nothing

We Are Entitled To Nothing

As a generation growing up with microwaves, the information superhighway, and smartphones, we take for granted how accessible things are and the immediacy of information. Sadly, “to err is human”, and we forget that these are not things we are entitled to, but blessed to have.
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Twelve Days at Koyoti! (A Guest Post)

Twelve Days at Koyoti! (A Guest Post)

I am a recent graduate student from Centennical College School of Business. When I got this opportunity to work in Koyoti Inc. at the end of March, I was so excited because this would be my very first work experience in Canada.
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Dream Big, Start Small - Guest Post

Dream Big, Start Small - Guest Post

The following is a guest post from one of our wonderful interns about their experience working with us:

When spring finally came to Toronto in April, I got the opportunity volunteering at Koyoti Inc., a start-up marketing company located in Toronto.

As people said, new graduates are always dreamer, I am not an exception. I was always dreaming about working at a large marketing company like Unilever. Whereas I ended up having my first internship in a small company, Koyoti Inc. Thomas who is the supervisor and the boss helped a lot during the internship, and Nadia is responsible for all design-related work. Although Koyoti Inc. is currently a company with no more than 3 staff, it takes every small step to become stronger and stronger, and when the business gets mature, it is likely to expand overseas.

Before the internship, I was asked by Thomas to create a report about how to optimize the use of social networks. However, my first version of work was far from his expectations, or in other word, sucks. Actually I provided only an overview of different types of social medias, and it gave no useful information like the target users, pros and cons etc. It was obvious that the report was useless to the company, and I was asked to redo it. Afterwards, I made efforts on research and the second version somehow met Thomas’ expectations. Given this, “knowing customer’s needs” was again emphasized, and it is now never on the text book only.

The routine work in Koyoti was quite simple, just basically helping Nadia with printing and completing orders. In fact, since my placement only lasted for 2 weeks, being involved in even a small project was still highly improbably. While by assisting just the basic work at Koyoti, it provided me with a rough working process of this company, from receiving orders to shipment. Another part of my internship is self-training involving compiling fact-based reports of social networks. In addition to the first report, I was also required to come up with a report of wisely using Hootsuite. Actually I have heard of this platform before but never touched it. By completing this report, I created my own account on Hootsuite to be familiar with various functions and features. As a beginner on Hootsuite, I looked through all the function areas, and decided to create a report regarding the Hootsuite’s applications. I found several apps seem to be quite efficient especially for business users, such as Nimble the CRM system. What is interesting is that another CRM system - has its own free app on Hootsuite, but the system itself would charge at least $25 USD per month. By posting through Hootsuite, I benefited from the great convenience offered by Hootsuite, its smart scheduling feature enables on-time posts wherever you are. When this report was reviewed by Thomas, he suggested another useful app named Riffle on which users can search about other users’ social patterns, tracking their social network activities and areas of interest on Twitter. It is such an easy-to-use and efficient tool to find out what the customers want, their frequency of tweets, and activities breakdown etc. Then it becomes easy to find the right demographics and apply the right media meeting their preference of use. Additionally, Thomas also advised me to enroll in the Hootsuite University to get the certificate because it would be a good credit for future career regarding social networks, I will absolutely consider that. 

In addition to gaining experience in Koyoti Inc., meeting new people was also excited. As the little “minions” of Nadia’s, me and Grace tried to help with anything we could. Nadia is so nice to us, always giving clear demonstrations and advising on our career. Thomas, our food feeder, is way more than a boss, but also an excellent mentor. He not only gave valuable career advice, but he also really wanted us to learn something even the placement was only two-week long. Based on his advice, I learned about my weaknesses in language, and in order to help us in speaking, he insisted using English to communicate with us at the workplace even though he speaks perfect Mandarin and Cantonese.

Overall it was a great memory at Koyoti Inc., gaining my very first work experience in Canada, working with amazing people and everything, and most importantly it did teach me a lesson “dream big, but start small.”


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Doodle Clash Winner: Interview with Harri

Congratulations Harri for winning Doodle Clash! What better way to understand your field better then to ask and learn from the experts? Here we have a better understanding about the person and ideas behind the Eager Beaver doodle. To see more of his collection, click here.


Is there anything you’d like to say to all the people that voted for your Doodle?
A huge thank you to everyone who voted. Free hugs if I ever see you in person.
What was your inspiration for your winning doodle called Eager Beaver?
The beaver doodle was part of an animal alphabet that I started working on when my wife and I were expecting our first child. I tried to draw mostly Canadian animals and, naturally, I started with the industrious beaver.
So tell me a little bit about yourself
What genres of music do you listen to?
Generally, anything that’s at least 2 decades old gets a listen.
If you can only live on one type of food, what would it be?
If Twinkies count as a type of food then I would be happy to eat them for the rest of my life. Donuts are a close second.
If you were a colour, what would you be?
Do you have any other hobbies and/or interests?
Hockey, golf and Netfilx.
I noticed your doodle is pretty patriotic. What are some things that make you proud to be Canadian?
The people, the weather, the land. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone in Canada, and I like that.
Tell me one thing about yourself that most people would never guess.
I speak Finnish and once fired a rocket launcher.
About design…
Any career advice for future graphic designers and illustrators?
If you find yourself working on a project that doesn’t allow you to be creative, you’re not trying hard enough.
Who is your favourite illustrator or graphic designer?
Bill Watterson, the magician behind Calvin and Hobbes, will always have a special place in my heart.
Any interesting tips that you personally use to make your illustrations?
I start with paper and pencil.
When you have a creative block, what do you do to rekindle inspiration?
More coffee.
What is your favourite media to use?
How would you describe your artistic style?
Clean and simple with a sense of humour that straddles the line between immature and witty.
What interested you to Baby Nimbus?
The opportunity to have my son’s favourite t-shirt be one that his dad drew.
Thank you for the opportunity to give us an insight about your doodle and the person behind it!
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Learning As We Go

All was going well and everything was printing smoothly for awhile, until… that dreaded doodle that just refused to recognize the cutline! There were many days spent trying to figure out the heck is wrong with it, we took the objects apart and put it back together to see what it contained (over and over again). We even called a buddy to help and still no answer. Of course, there are technological limitations with everything.  It is up to me to make sure it can be figured out. As we figure it out over time, we can learn to be more effecient and problem solve/avoid problems better in the future. We can also let the Doodle Squad know about what we have discovered for future submissions so that they are aware. The next paragraph will be Print/Graphic design tech speak so I apologize if you do not understand or are not familiar.

So… the whole file was a vector in Illustrator. Our machine cannot detect the cut lines in the art board if there is an object with a less than 100% transparency. That was the problem with the original doodle that didn’t work but thankfully we figured it out pretty easily as the doodle was very simple and easy to deal with. The figuring out why the machine couldn’t handle it was the hard part but we were super excited to overcome this (PHEW!). So a second doodle decided not to work (didn’t recognize the cutline… again!) and we could not find this object, maybe it had a different cause? Since this was an illustration, there are basically a bajillion objects in there. So what do we do? I call it the “take apart till your eyes bleed” method. Basically, we go into each layer and expand it so we can see what objects are in it. From there, it was much easier to select each object one by one and looked at the transparency info individually. Of course after many tries, the doodle had one teeny tiny object that we completely missed! And lo and behold we have succeeded and it turned out it had the same cause after all.

At the end of the day, we can only do so much with technology but we definitely do not want to limit our doodles based on what’s easiest to print. So to save time the next time, I found out the easiest way to combat most cutline problems was to put the vector into Photoshop and convert it into a JPG. Then I would use the original vector to make the cutline and the cutline only. I then place the JPG into Illustrator and line up the cutline with the Illustration. Viola! Why I didn’t think of this sooner, I have no idea but it works like a charm.

I hope by writing this, it will show you we are not ashamed of our troubles and challenges as we can admit we are not perfect. We can make Doodlers aware for future submissions so the process can go by more smoother for us and the Doodlers. By doing so, we can explain our solutions and hopefully help other people out in the process as well!

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Doodle Clash Winner: Interview with Juan

Congratulations Juan for winning Doodle Clash! What better way to understand your field better then to ask and learn from the experts? Here we have a better understanding about the person and ideas behind the Jelly Bubble doodle.
Is there anything you’d like to say to all the people that voted for your Doodle?
I would like to give everyone that voted for me a big thanks, and I will definitely continue to produce more cute doodles in the future! 
What was your inspiration for your winning doodle called Jelly Bubble?
My inspiration is from a character I used to draw in my childhood.
So tell me a little bit about yourself
What genres of music do you listen to?
I enjoy listening to anything on the top 100 pop hit list.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In 10 years, I see myself working full time as a graphic designer, and to publish my own book.
What motivates you?
The end result of my work and food always keep me motivated.
Do you have any other hobbies and/or interests?
Hiking and dancing.
Are there any quirky/funny stories you'd like to share from your childhood?
I used to stack books on the chairs when I was a baby so that I can reach the height of the table. Then I would sit there and eat for hours.
If you can live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live?
Germany, because they have beautiful hiking spots and beer.
About design…
Any advice for future graphic designers and illustrators?
Revise everything; a second time always makes it better.
How did know you had a passion for graphic design?
I always wanted to do something art related for a living, it's still the same after studying in business school.
Who is your favourite illustrator or graphic designer?
When you have a creative block, what do you do to rekindle inspiration?
Come back to it another time.
What is your favourite media to use and why?
Photoshop. The colours always come out great.
What kind of design projects interests you the most?
Illustrative related work.
What interested you to Baby Nimbus?
Baby Nimbus interests me for the fact that I get to make illustrations.
Thank you Nancy for participating in this interview, we highly appreciate your contribution. We hope to see more from you soon!
If you want to see more of her work, go to her portfolio here!
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Our New Website - The Ideas Behind It All

As a new business, we have tracked every milestone. From every new share and comment, to every new doodler enthusiast that joins our team. Little by little we can see our progression. Of course there are road bumps a long the way, but we strive to improve every chance we get. We try to learn from our mistakes and take critical suggestions. Our website is our store, so we feel it is very important to keep up to date and be as efficient as possible.
As the new Graphic Designer, I began brainstorming ways to improve efficiency, aesthetics, and usability. So I started with the home page. I first noticed that the home page had a lack of direction. The first thing I did was change the navigation. The order went “Home, About, Doodle Squad, LAUNCH PARTY!, Our Friends, Contact Us, and FAQs”. One of the first things consumers read on websites are the navigation, since it is at the top. If someone were to want to know about the company, the information should be readily available. People read the navigation from left to right, naturally… so it makes sense to organize the pages from most important to least important. 
In the eyes of the consumer, I did not know where to look or go first. When I scrolled down I saw the items to purchase, but there was no way to see that there were in fact, more products. So I decided the most important page besides “Home” was the “Shop” page. Secondly, I did not know what this company was about. I did not know about the Doodle Squad, and what the company does to promote Doodlers. This way, I know the next item has to be “About”, and “Doodle Squad”. The “Blog” and the “FAQS” came afterwards. I found it necessary to leave the contact page out. Not many people would be trying to contact us, as we are an online store. If someone did, I find it would be easier to put our contact information in the footer (bottom) of the website. Then I put the subcategories under “Shop”, “About”, and “Doodle Squad” as a quick way to get specific and most asked information out of those broad pages.
So after the navigation was finished, I decided to do make everything more uniform. Many of the images and product descriptions were not consistent. To solve this, I made a template to use. The consumers will know where to find this information at every product page. Each description had a link to the biography of the Doodler, size chart, and small blurb about the product. This is a good way to credit and promote the Doodler’s work. Note the image in the image above (left), the navigation has already changed.
I then found a theme that would best reflect and handle our upcoming products. As we grow, we will be getting new categories to go along with the new products. We needed a theme that would make it easy for consumers to search and find what they wanted when our lines get bigger, so we better get organized now. As you can see in this new theme, you can filter and categorize our products to view what you want much better than the original theme. It also gave us an option to place certain collections in the home page, so consumers are spoiled with selection. The new theme is easy to navigate and clean. I wanted the Doodles to be the center of your attention, as that is what we want to promote. The theme had simple lines, shapes and solid colours. So I also changed the logo to suit that need. The company colours have not changed but it is now used much more simply. We now have hierarchy, and depending on how important the element was it would be a certain colour. I also put the slideshow large and at the top. It grabs your attention and is another strategy for promotion. The footer was made green as the Baby Nimbus was in the sky, so it only made sense to put grass.
With any design, everything has a purpose. It is not just about being pleasing aesthetically, otherwise what’s the point in using the site at all if it’s hard to use? When you design something, you have to have a goal. If it does not solve the problem(s) and achieve the goal, then it is bad design. With that being said, I hope our website sucks less now. LOL.
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2015 in Review....

It's the end of the year already. 2015 has certainly blown by like a class 5 hurricane. So much has happened both in my personal life and with Baby Nimbus. It's hard to find the top stories of this past year. When we first began with this endeavour, we had wanted to stay in the wholesale realm. Very quickly, we soon discovered that there were obstacles that we weren't going to be able to overcome, at least not in the short term. The feedback that we kept getting back from distributors was that we were: Too small, too new, and not enough SKUs (items). And they were all very valid points. 

But the problem was, how do we survive and grow, and afford to accumulate SKUs fast enough without breaking the bank? So in May of this year, we decided that we needed to change. After doing some homework, we began our metamorphosis. At the end of July, we made a test run. And the result was encouraging. We felt like we were on the right path and we ran with it. 

In September, we hosted our first event; our Launch Party. The event was met with limited success. There were some great, fantastic things that happened there, and a few mistakes that we made also. And really, those were entirely of our own doing. But the takeaway from that was that not only were these events feasible, but also invaluable. So hopefully, in 2016, we will be able to do more.

Trying to look forward, we got to a point that if we wanted to continue to grow and mature, not only as a company, but also as a platform to help promote and support doodlers, that we needed additional help. We began the arduous process of bringing in our very own doodler. In the process, we not only found the perfect doodler to join our pack, but we were also able to add to our doodle squad!

We've also made some adjustments to our den (office), and some pretty awesome improvements to the product. We're pretty stoked about where we are right now and the direction we're headed in. We hope that in 2016 we'll be able to build on some of the positive, and make adjustments to remedy our mis-steps.

Finally, we want to thank everyone that has helped to make 2015 a wonderful journey. We want to thank everyone on our doodle squadfriends of BabyNimbus, and you, our awesome supporters for the continued support and patronage. 

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, Happy Kwanzaa, or even if you just celebrate Festivus! On behalf of our pack to yours, we wish you all the very best this holiday season and into 2016! 


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Introducing Our New Graphic Designer and Doodler!

Hello, my name is Nadia Salib and I am the new Graphic Designer for Koyoti Inc. and Baby Nimbus. I am responsible for the graphics and marketing of the company. I recently graduated from Humber College for Graphic Design this year.

A little more about me… I love to doodle. From drawing on walls during toddlerhood to painting in Photoshop/Illustrator, my mind is always thinking of what to create next. I enjoy drawing fine art, as well as cartoons. Joining the company was awesome, especially when I get to doodle and do what I love. It’s a pleasure to be able to have an opportunity to grow with a small, fun company such as this. Besides drawing, I love branding and packaging. I love how I can create an identity for products that people recognize on a mass scale. I want to be able to go to a store and say, “I designed that… and that, and that”. I want to be able to be a part of someone’s decision to take that product off the shelf out of all others and make them interact. I want to be a part of creating many companies’ identities, to the point where they see a logo at first glance and be able to recognize it as far as several countries. Being behind something big you are proud of is exhilarating to me. It makes me feel like an anonymous celebrity in a way.

Another thing I like to do is to incorporate my illustrations into my graphics. Every artist is unique in style, and to be able to integrate that into design makes the design more unique and valuable. In the future, I am hoping to learn animation as well to add to my skill set. As a new graduate, I promised myself that I would never stop learning new things.

I am excited to help and promote fellow doodlers to hopefully be one of the reasons that something big happens to them. If you want to check out my work, go to!

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A Conversation with Nancy

A Conversation with Nancy

Our goal here at Baby Nimbus is to help promote and support local, upcoming graphic designers, illustrators, artists, or as we like to put it... doodlers. Part of how we do it is by putting their designs out there to let them showcase their talents to you. The votes not only is a way for you to choose which item becomes our next month's feature item, but it's also a way for y'all to give them some encouragement and some feedback.

So another way that we try to promote our doodlers, is to let y'all get to know them a little bit better and give you a little more insight into who they are and what they're all about. So below is a little conversation we had with Nancy, who submitted this month's DoodleClash winner!


BN: Hi Nancy, congratulations again in winning your Doodle-clash and coming in and allowing us to interromagate you. OK. First question. Where were you born?

N: Beijing

BN: What was the first thing you remember drawing?

N: I know I’ve drawn other things before it but the one I remember was copying a picture of Cinderella from a Disney picture book “novelization” of the movie. I was seven, it was my first year in Canada and so this was one of my early introductions to the western animation style. I remember having trouble with the hands and hiding them behind her back.

BN: What was the first design that made you feel like you should become a designer?

N: I was in a career transition and volunteering for ACCORN Canada when they had a campaign for affordable internet (Digital Divide campaign). I was one of the group making signs with slogans for the campaign and thought that a logo would be effective along to go along with this.
This is Digital Design logo was what started a resurgence of interest in design for me. One reason I did not go further into art/design when I was younger was that while I believed my technique was quite good, I lacked confidence in my originality. I didn’t feel I had much to “say” visually. With the Digital Divide logo I was able to execute an original design that was a cute visual message which conveyed and advertised the campaign message. I believe that this communication of an original thought through design is what separates the technician from the creative.

BN: What’s your favourite food?

N: Too many to list them all, right now I would like a jalapeno cheese bagel from Tim Hortons (toasted and buttered).

BN: Do you have any other hobbies?

N: I’ve always had an interest in history and current events.

BN: What is your favourite colour?

N: Changes often, currently blue. Depending on the shade it can be both soothing and energising.

BN: What influences should we find in your designs?

N: It’s difficult to say because I’ve probably taken in a lot subliminally. Currently I’m working on more animation type designs which use the relationship between the subjects, their facial expression and body language to create a cute yet meaningful message.

BN: What’s the idea behind your doodle-clash submission?

N: I think this doodle-clash has a bit of a Looney Tunes feel: cute but a bit mean-spirited on the part of the whale.

BN: What made you decide to participate in Baby Nimbus’ doodle-clash?

N: I liked the idea of designing for baby clothes. Since the company is committed to quality of their product I have hopes that this design will have longevity as a well-loved piece. It can be something that friends and relatives will find cute and clever while they’re cooing over the baby. And if it is kept long enough the child him/herself can learn to appreciate it.

BN: Is there anything you’d like to say to all those people that voted for your Doodle-Clash submission?

N: Thank you very, very much. I understand that some of you actually felt passionately enough about the design to ask for it to be brought back for a second Doodle-Clash which is very flattering. It’s very encouraging for me to get such positive and enthusiastic feedback especially as someone just starting out on a design career.

The following questions originally came from a French series, “Boullion de Culture” hosted by Benard Pivot and were popularised in North America by James Lipton, who asks every guest at the end of “Inside The Actor’s Studio” show.

BN: What is your favourite word?

N: Poppycock

BN: What is your least favourite word?

N: Literally when used incorrectly. I’m one of those people.

BN: What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

N: Originality, risk taking, imperfection

BN: What turns you off?

N: Derivative works, mediocracy

BN: What is your favourite curse word?

N: Poppycock

BN: What sound or noise do you love?

N: Can’t think of anything in particular

BN: What sound or noise do you hate?

N: Metal scraping against metal

BN: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

N: Non-fiction writing.

BN: What profession would you not like to do?

N: Anything that is too routine and boring.

BN: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

N: Welcome

I hope everyone enjoyed this discussion with Nancy. If anyone wants to find out more about Nancy and her designs, see our Doodle Squad, or visit Nancy's facebook portfolio. I hope everyone's had as much as we've had. Stay tuned for next month's Doodle Clash!

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Coming Soon....

Coming Soon....

We've been using our weblog thus far as a place for us to make some announcements, talk very positively about what we've been up to, and to share with you some conversations that we've been having with our doodlers. However, a blog by definition, is a weblog, which quite simply means, a log. Which means that while we want to maintain a positive outlook, that we also should very honestly address some of our shortcomings, areas where we can still grow, and even some mis-steps that we've taken along the way. As a log, this allows us to be very candid about our past as we move forward and look back, but also keep us grounded and humble. And for anyone reading this, an opportunity to grow with us and perhaps provide us with some constructive criticism as well.

A few months ago, we were talking about collaborating with CocoonX. They're a wonderful group with similar ambitions and goals as us here at BabyNimbus. Their mandate is to promote and support artists and their artwork, we here want to focus on designers and designs.

Initially, we were hoping to be able to begin a special line showcasing the artwork from CocoonX's artists for the middle of October, but unfortunately, we have been delayed in that endeavour. So we'd like to extend our most humble apologies to CocoonX and their artists for our tardiness. In our defense, we've had a passing in the BabyNimbus family, and my head hasn't been screwed on quite straight for the past few weeks, but I do understand that I can't hide behind excuses. So I am very sorry that we've not been able to follow thru with our commitments to CocoonX thus far. 

That being said, the world most move forward, and so must we. And we are very pleased to announce that very soon, you will be seeing artwork from CocoonX's artists here at BabyNimbus. It will be a special / separate line that we will not only showcase the artwork on our onesies, but hopefully, also be able to introduce the pieces and the artists as well. Beginning November 16th, we will start showcasing a Shermaine Sermonia original. From what I'm told, the title is: Yawni.

We decided to use this as the inaugural piece because 1. It was in vector format, and 2. because of the abstract nature of the piece. We feel that it is a nice and obvious departure from the designs that we have showcased thus far. Don't forget, a portion of sales from all of our pieces go directly to the artists/designers/doodlers/illustrators/etc. Thank you for your continued support in local art and local design. 

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A Conversation with Eva

Our goal here at Baby Nimbus is to help promote and support local, upcoming graphic designers, illustrators, artists, or as we like to put it... doodlers. Part of how we do it is by putting their designs out there to let them showcase their talents to you. The votes not only is a way for you to choose which item becomes our next month's feature item, but it's also a way for y'all to give them some encouragement and some feedback.

So another way that we try to promote our doodlers, is to let y'all get to know them a little bit better and give you a little more insight into who they are and what they're all about. So below is a little conversation we had with Eva, who submitted this month's DoodleClash winner!

BN: So Eva, Congratulations for another DoodleClash win! Let's start by asking, what inspired you to come up with this design?

E: Thanks! One of my friends, he never stops exercising and jumping up and down all day long. 

BN: We’re trying to promote and support local up-and-coming designers, illustrators, and artists. Do you have any suggestions for us to improve doing this?

E: Maybe open a platform through social media like a small group for chatting and share and to know each other as a real person.

BN: Thanks for that. We'll definitely keep that in consideration moving fowards. People seem to really like your designs. I hope we can be expecting more from you? Haha

E: My pleasure.

BN: Our feature items are all vote based. Which means a lot of people really like your doodles. Do you have anything you want to say to all the people that have been voting for your doodles?

E: Thanks a lot for liking my pencil :p. I wish I can buy all of you ice cream. 

BN: Do you have any other artistic abilities? 

E: Try all different kinds of restaurant, dance like crazy, lazy like a pig. 

BN: So we’d also like for everyone to get to know you and your designs better also. What other kinds of designs do you enjoy doing? 

E: As long as it's not out of responsibility, but out of my heart.

BN: Can you share some of it with us?

E: I'm lazy to organize them, could you just check my website?

BN: That is what we're here for. Thanks again for taking time out to let us get to know you a bit better. And for anyone that wants to see more of Eva's other designs, here's her website!

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