Website Relaunch

Website Relaunch

Re-designing a website, just like re-designing anything else is a fun and exciting task. There are no restrictions or boundaries and the possibilities for design are as endless as you make them to be - within reason.

The re-launch of our website gave us a chance to improve what we already had. To improve user experience and to showcase all our new products more effectively. We reorganized categories and made it more user friendly and easy to navigate. After all, user engagement is the most important function of any good website!

All sizing details can now be found on their appropriate page as well as in the footer below and our Doodle Squad page and Events page has been updated and organized to make things more clear. Doodle Clash is now its own category which makes it easier to access for voting and results and our Baby Nimbus blog (where we rant about random topics for your enjoyment) now has its own teaser section at the bottom of the homepage. New articles are constantly being posted so feel free to check that out! In addition, products now have a review function so you can tell us which products you love and which products you don't love so much.

The homepage was a bit of a mess, so we reorganized our products into categories (apparel, accessories and doodlers) represented by fun eye-catching graphics. At first glance, these graphics give the viewer an idea of who we are, what we represent and what we provide. Check out our Doodlers, view our onesies and toddler t-shirts, browse our car decals... it's now displayed proudly on our homepage. This new addition can also act as a space to showcase any new announcements, or product releases.

In terms of consistency, we also improved our use of the Baby Nimbus colours across the site. Consistent use of our colours can be seen on our buttons, titles, and body text to unify our brand look and feel.

All in all, it's really the little things that needed some tweaking up. Keep checking out our website for new products and website changes. The designing never stops!

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