We Do Things A Little Differently Around Here...

We Do Things A Little Differently Around Here...

Sure there are lots of brands an platforms out there, but none with the unique properties that we are trying to accomplish here at BabyNimbus. It could very well be that we're a bit over ambitious, but then again, "nothing ventured, nothing gained".

We're Not Just A Platform

It's not difficult for designers and artisans to start an online store of their own these days. There are also plenty of 3rd party fulfillment companies out there that will produce the product once it has been sold. It's great if you're a designer that already has a bit of a following, but there are plenty still who are just getting started, or have the talent, but don't really know how to get their name out there.

There are also, plenty of platforms out there that exist to allow for aspiring artists to sell their designs via products. And while it's great to have access to all of the different products available to put your design on, they are simply JUST that. A platform. Just like all the Insta-tube platforms out there, they merely provide the platform for you to promote yourself on. It's up to the person to promote themselves.

Herein lies the rub. If you're a designer that doesn't have a following, and you join a platform that expects you to promote yourself, really what good is that platform to you? 

This is where we're different. Part of our mandate is to promote the DoodleSquad. In fact, every single product that we sell, will be accompanied with information about the doodler. All of our marketing and advertising revolves around promoting our designers (we'll get into this in another article).

We're Not Just Another Brand

Brands are great. We're trying to build one. But we want to take a step further and do some good as we build. Sure, there are a lot of brands that provide amazing humanitarian aid, scholarships, and do a lot of good. But those things are easy to do when you've already achieved success and have the ability to spread some of that love. 

Let's get one thing straight. We are not a non-profit. We want BabyNimbus to make money. Lots of it. But it doesn't mean that we can't endeavour to be something more than just another company trying to make a buck. A portion of every item we sell goes back to the very talented doodlers that we have in the DoodleSquad. We actively try and promote those very same, very talented doodlers. They are our lifeblood, and we hope that we're able to play a part in their journey towards success.


Spreading Hope

So why did we decide to limit ourselves to designs for baby (toddler) stuff? Like the old Whitney Houston song goes, "I believe the children are our future". 


The beginning of life, its journey. Hope. It's something we believe in. Hope that the lives of the little ones will be filled with love and laughter, and hope that the careers of our DoodleSquad members will flourish and shine. So while we do welcome any submissions we get from the DoodleSquad, we do encourage doodles that reflect the warm and whimsical. 


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