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FREE Shipping across Canada using code FREESHIP22

Top Reasons Why You Should Join The DoodleSquad

Top Reasons Why You Should Join The DoodleSquad

There are plenty of platforms available for doodlers these days. And while all of them have their strengths, we felt like we should go ahead and take things a few steps further. Why do something that everyone else is doing? As we started to plan for our own platform, we sat down and reviewed some of the other existing platforms. We felt that one of the biggest shortcomings of these other platforms is that there are very few tangible benefits of joining them. The following is just a brief, we'll expand on them in subsequent posts. You know, to try to get you to keep coming back. Haha.


Our focus is babies (and to a lesser extent, toddlers). It means that there are a lot of doodles out there that are amazing that we just cannot have up on our site. We do try to be accommmodating, but if a submission comes in and it's straight out of the "Walking Dead", it might look amazing, but it's probably not right for our audience.


Every month, we hold something called a DoodleClash. We pit 2 designs against one another in a 1V1, and the winning doodle becomes our feature item for the next month. It's something the doodler can put into their resume / portfolio. They're a winner of DoodleClash. A two-time, three-time, or even multiple winner! 


It's not much, but every doodler is eligible to make royalties on every piece that we sell of theirs. And while individually it might not be much, it does add up! The more doodles an artist submits to us, and the longer they allow us to keep it on our site, the more they'll make! And a few doodlers have already made quite a bit with us already.


Every item that we sell includes information about the doodler. Not only will it include a short bio, but also 2 links. One link to their collection on our platform, but also one to the doodler's own portfolio! Who does that right?! We do. Why? Because part of our mandate is to hopefully play a small part in the doodler's road to success! On top of that, we attend live events. We participate at the Baby Shows of course, but we also sponsor the Toronto Art Crawl.

And... of course.... MUCH MORE TO COME!

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