The Thinker’s Switch

The Thinker’s Switch

Hi! Namaste!

We meet again! When I got the opportunity to work at Baby Nimbus, at first, I wasn’t confident to design characters (doodles). It made me realize that as a graphic designer with an agency background we were told to follow the brand guidelines and design as per the clients brief. Now to design a doodle I had to switch my entire thought process, I found it a tad bit difficult just to create the idea for the character. When it comes to character design, I have a tendency to create a base story, that helps me develop the idea into a character. As a graphic designer I always work with a base idea and then design the project. 

Why did I call this blog the thinker’s switch? 
While studying in art schools, 94% of the introduction goes “I like drawing…doodling…love anime!…“. I used to doodle my teachers and classmates in almost every book and this made me want to get into animation but I felt graphic design would also help me design characters. To be honest, nobody in school can teach that passionate mindset you enter with, you graduate with a scroll that implies the required education. When I got into art school back in 2012, not really knowing what to expect, I then stepped into the real ‘design’ world, things changed. That kid who doodled her surroundings into the books got lost following the brand guidelines on the grids.

Completing a year with Baby Nimbus has helped me bring back that kid who enjoyed doodling characters. Doodles like Shiba Samurai, Spring Hedge, Bob Fox, and Crazy Crays are designed by me. Even though they are 2D printed characters, each doodle has an unknown adventure. Thanks to Baby Nimbus I can continue designing doodles. I’d like to give a shout out to all the doodle squad artists, as you see our ever-growing diverse style of doodles. Thank you for supporting our artists, hope you visit again soon.

Happy Holidays! See you in the next blog!
VP (Vidya Patel)

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