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The Kid in You Still Misses that Favourite Toy!

The Kid in You Still Misses that Favourite Toy!

Hi, I want to start off this blog by wishing you a Happy Ox Year!! 

No matter your age, the kid in us always remembers that ONE toy. That toy had a name, which brings a smile to your face, was your travel bud, had amazing adventures… I am an early 90’s kid and vividly remember how insanely obsessed I was with my (then) new edition Mint-Green COLOR GAME BOY! I had a great collections of toys, but out of all of them the Game Boy was my imaginary hero The Green Terminator, as I fell in love after watching The Terminator Judgement Day!

Do you have any story or recollection of your dearest toy?

Coming to this made me think of a recent chat with a close friend whose kid’s favourite toys are Frank the Fox and Stevie the Shark, a puppet and a stuffed toy. She made up a story lullaby based on these toys like they are her super hero and they are saving her through these passing times. We had many chats band came to the conclusion that 90’s kids were probably the last to have fun as a KID, like we didn’t really have “screen-time” as kids now have, back then the only “break-time” was a few hours of (box) TV and some Game Boy time. Even though internet started back in the 90’s, years down the line the psychological aspect of a child’s brain has been switched to the computer mode. 

Two years back, I was shocked to find out that cursive writing has became the Dodo (extinct bird) of writing in English, why? Because text books use computer typefaces. I recently, read an article and in a book that schools would prefer cutting off art classes, why? So that kids focus more on the ‘core’ classes, another reason schools have financial struggles. If the system has cut off cursive writing and now art classes, how do we expect a child to develop creative ways to find any solutions? It’s not just about cursive writing or art classes but at times I feel that the only creative memory would be those made-up story of their favourite toy. 

Therefore, the Doodle Squad at Baby Nimbus illustrates lively, vibrant and comical characters that have their own cool personality so any parent can make-up a quick story or even a lullaby. All our doodles are printed on products that can be worn, to use as storage, or stick them on kids belongings and baby-on-board stickers for cars. As a part of Doodle Squad, I build the base of a character either by being inspired by a person or an event which could be the story background or base for the features of the doodle. My current doodles are inspired by a cartoon character and a person, Shibu Samurai inspired by Samurai Jackson (90’s CN) and Bob Fox by Bob Ross (Artist). So as the BabyNimbus family grows, I hope that our doodles put a sweet smile on your child’s face as well as yours as you tell tales of their marvelous adventures. 

Until next time ~
V P.

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