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Hi! Namaste!

Hi! Namaste!

Iʼm an Indian national currently residing in Toronto; one of the most welcoming
cities to immigrants - Sincere Thanks Canada.

Story time!!

Early days…
As a kid, I was never that enthusiastic about studies, but did well with anything
that required creativity. My mum and aunt were all ready well to do artist in their
own creatives way. They were the ones who introduced arts quite early in my life. I was mostly inspired by Cartoon Network back in the 90ʼs, so doodled a lot in all
my books. After high school, just like everyone back then (in India) I got into a
management college, then after graduation I was offered my very first job. During
my final year, I decided to join a short graphic design certificate course and thatʼs
where it all started for me as a designer. While studying design for extra activity I
joined dance classes. After two years as a student, I somehow ended up joining as an apparel designer. Then came along a friend who suggested to try out ad
agencies, I was so nervous because I didnʼt know the A of Advertising but I got the job as a Jr. Graphic Designer then Sr. Designer.

Took the flight…
The seed of thought to move to Canada was planted by a friend. Moved here as a student, graduate from Graphic Design and Interactive Media at Toronto Film
School. After studying here, I left as if I were more exposed to outer world of
design. This year 2020, I recently graduated from another program, Art
Fundamentals at Seneca. Now, in this course I learnt all about traditional fine arts, sculpting, painting, perspective and figure drawings. This enhances my creative skills even more. Creative; a field that continues to change yet, remain the same.

Indeed, dropped me at the spot…
Continuing to work freelance contract jobs, I had decided to study again by end of 2019. Started applying for part time jobs, I had no expectations of finding a part time design job but didnʼt give up hope. So like everyone else I searched keys words on Indeed and just kept applying. I was picked and then dropped at BabyNimbus. It has been a year working as a part-time designer. I doodle cute characters, design social media posts, catalogues and learned about post print production. Last year we had a trade show, called ‘The Baby Showʼ, that was my first time attending as a part of the Baby Nimbus team, that was a whole different experience. Even though Iʼm a designer, I get to learn so much more about marketing and management.

Some say others see that potential in you which you donʼt see it in yourself. My
peer/boss/TGW said ‘You Need Experience To Get Experience.ʼ Looking back at
where and how I started as a designer Iʼll be applying the statement to all the
future knowledge I can gain while working at Baby Nimbus and to future

“Itʼs okay not to have things all planned out, life will pick you up and drop you at the correct spot. Just like that little human on google maps.”
- Vidya Patel.

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