Games and Art!

Games and Art!

Some of you may have noticed that we have some doodles that give a certain nod to some video games such as: infected raccoon and baby elf warrior. Games have always been a big part of my life (even more so now than I was younger). Having been introduced to games at a young age thanks to my older brother and cousins I was able to sink many, many, many hours into playing them when I should be studying. Games have really come a long way since then. I was very fortunate to be able to grow up in such a time where technology evolved so quickly. Seeing the growth of games and their graphics have peaked my interest and eventually led me to wanting to join this industry.

As mentioned in my other blog post I went to school for graphic design. In this program I was also able to learn about 3D modeling. From there I also took another course to further my knowledge in this area. I always preferred 3D modeling over drawing (on paper or digitally) since I was never the best 2D artist. I started creating designs in my spare time in 3D and transferring them over to 2D programs. In my eyes, 3D helped me proportion things a lot easier than drawing since you can work with basic shapes and alter them to your needs whereas when drawing you will be creating everything from scratch. I'm very happy that I found 3D modeling and allowed me to get my start in the field I've been interested in since I was young.

I'm grateful for Baby Nimbus to allow me to be so flexible in my doodles. I have been encouraged to try different art forms from digital art and 3D and create what I want instead of just sticking with one style. As you can tell from our website we have a big collection of art styles that is always growing! I hope you can find something you like when browsing our store.

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