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Cat Models

Cat Models

Happy Spring! The weather is getting a lot warmer and hopefully everyone is staying safe while outside.

Growing up since I was usually the youngest one in the family I was automatically selected as one of the more "tech savvy" than most of the people in my family. This led to me taking most of the family pictures or setting up the camera so that we could do a group picture. Maybe because these family members were a lot of older than me I was always told "You have very steady hands". This got me thinking..."what if I became a photographer?" Unfortunately, due to the lack of support for photography courses growing up I didn't get much of a chance to learn.

Many many years later I was gifted a DSLR camera and I started to become interested in photography again. Also around the same time, my brother got 2 cats of his own and that was when I finally got to experience what it felt like to actually have a pet that would interact with you and respond to you. My whole life I've always wanted a pet just to call my own. Growing up my family had several fish as pets which as a little kid, to be honest, weren't the most exciting pets. Meeting these cats have really helped me especially with the situation happening last year and this year.

The cats really became a source of creativity for me as I was always taking pictures of them. I was able to learn new tools, enhance my knowledge of photography and obtain a new hobby! Especially during this time where we are staying at home being creative and learning new skills was a way that I could channel some of my energy. I also eventually made a doodle of them for Baby Nimbus using my photos as an inspiration. I hope if you see my Box Cat doodles you can experience some ounce of their energy.

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