FREE Shipping across Canada using code FREESHIP22

FREE Shipping across Canada using code FREESHIP22

Amazon Annoucement

Amazon Annoucement

Although January is near over, Happy 2021 everyone!

Towards the end of 2020, we announced that some exciting news was around the corner. At the time, we weren’t able to expand on what the news was. We honestly thought that the announcement was imminent, that the announcement would be just around that corner. Alas, shortly after the announcement was made, we were thrown yet another challenge and another obstacle. For a while, we weren’t actually sure if we would ever be able to share the words that we were anxiously hoping to herald. We sat on tenterhooks for months while we tried to overcome the hurdle.

Thankfully, our anxiety and sleepless nights were not in vain. And while it’s not yet live (and we certainly hope that we’re not jinxing ourselves here)… We are excited, humbled, and absolutely pleased as punch that we are able to announce that, We are in the process of on-boarding with Amazon!

As we go through the process of dotting our T’s and crossing our I’s, it is with great honour (and relief) that we are finally able to share this news with you guys. Joining the Amazon family will hopefully mean that we will be able to reach a larger audience as we continue with our mandate to promote and support our Canadian Doodlers.

I want to thank all of you who have shopped with us in support of these wonderful and talented people, and we want to thank you for following us in our journey up to this point. We are excited and thrilled with this next stage in our journey, and we hope that you will continue to support us as we endeavour
to grow bigger and better than before.

I also want to thank the members of our DoodleSquad. Thank you for the patience that you have shown us, and thank you for believing in what we are endeavouring to accomplish. For a long time, we have called the Royalty pay-outs ‘Coffee Money’. We are hopeful and optimistic that this Coffee Money will
soon transform into ‘Lunch Money’, or dare we say, ‘Retirement Money’! We do know that we are shooting for the moon here, but for all of us here at Baby Nimbus, this is the dream, the goal, and ouroverzealous ambition.

Looking forward to a wonderful and great 2021….. and the end of this martha forking pandemic!

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