Always Be Better....

Always Be Better....

I've never really understood the concept of a "slow" season. When else are you going to have time to tweak and improve on your business? If you're busy selling, you're probably too busy to tweak. So if sales are a little slow, isn't that the best time to tweak and make improvements?

We have to fight the urge to become complacent. The moment we sit on our laurels and think we're good enough, is precisely when the world will pass us by. Nobody, and no company is perfect. If you expect to grow as a person and if you expect your company to grow, you have no other recourse. You must look for ways to improve. Are there ways of making things more efficient? Is there a tweak in messaging that you can do to improve your position? Are there any SEO improvements that you can implement? Is there another team member that you should be adding to your team? Or are there redundancies that need reducing? 

And if you know when your busy seasons are, you know that there are also time constraints as to when you can go and make these improvements and changes. In my experience, sometimes the "slow" season ends up being more busy than the "busy" season.


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