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FREE Shipping across Canada using code FREESHIP22

A Raison D'Etre...

A Raison D'Etre...

I'm often asked how I started this path in building BabyNimbus. Quite honestly, I owe a lot to a company called EdVenture Partners. I was part of the collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association, and they empowered us to start a student run marketing agency to run campaigns. As students, you're rarely offered opportunities beyond retail and food service. If you're really lucky, you might be able to intern somewhere. This partnership between our association and EdVenture partners however, offered us an opportunity to run a full campaign, with proposals, budgets, deadlines, and delivery metrics that we had to present to the client's marketing department. It was a wonderful opportunity that led, not only to my first full time job after graduating from University, but also a desire to one day be able to somehow pay it forward.

You Need Experience To Get Experience

Most of us have heard it before it before when we first started out, 'Sorry, we're looking for someone with more industry experience'. Well, you need a job in the industry to get that industry experience, so it becomes a bit of a paradox. This is all the more evident when it comes to Graphic Designers. They might get an assignment to do a re branding for an established company; and the instructors and professors might give them an 'A'. But the company itself never authorized it, and no one from the company have come out and said whether the new designs communicates the message that they are trying to convey. So it might look pretty, but it still doesn't constitute as 'real life experience'. 

The BabyNimbus Method

What we're trying to do is to provide new / up-and-coming designers with an opportunity, not just to make some coffee money, but also with an opportunity to put something tangible into their portfolios. 

Curation: To be honest, we're kind of forced into this one because we are dealing with baby product. We can only accept design submissions that are acceptable and appropriate for babies to use; and there are certain production restrictions we must adhere to because of the equipment we use. So designers can say with confidence that this is a design that has been approved for use by a company.

Doodle Clash: We run competitions about once a month that is voted on by the public. The designer of an approved design can say proudly show that their design has won an award.

Design Response: Members of the DoodleSquad get royalties out of everything we sell. So the easy answer would be that this design has been purchased ### amount of times. We also tirelessly try to promote the members and their designs on social media, so they can also see how much attention a certain design has received. 

Our Mission Statement

We are a platform to help promote and support new / up-and-coming doodlers. Our products act as a canvas to showcase their work.

In this small way, I hope that I am living up to my pay-it-forward aspirations. As we grow, we hope also that coffee money will someday grow to become dream vacation money.


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