Coming Soon....

Coming Soon....

We've been using our weblog thus far as a place for us to make some announcements, talk very positively about what we've been up to, and to share with you some conversations that we've been having with our doodlers. However, a blog by definition, is a weblog, which quite simply means, a log. Which means that while we want to maintain a positive outlook, that we also should very honestly address some of our shortcomings, areas where we can still grow, and even some mis-steps that we've taken along the way. As a log, this allows us to be very candid about our past as we move forward and look back, but also keep us grounded and humble. And for anyone reading this, an opportunity to grow with us and perhaps provide us with some constructive criticism as well.

A few months ago, we were talking about collaborating with CocoonX. They're a wonderful group with similar ambitions and goals as us here at BabyNimbus. Their mandate is to promote and support artists and their artwork, we here want to focus on designers and designs.

Initially, we were hoping to be able to begin a special line showcasing the artwork from CocoonX's artists for the middle of October, but unfortunately, we have been delayed in that endeavour. So we'd like to extend our most humble apologies to CocoonX and their artists for our tardiness. In our defense, we've had a passing in the BabyNimbus family, and my head hasn't been screwed on quite straight for the past few weeks, but I do understand that I can't hide behind excuses. So I am very sorry that we've not been able to follow thru with our commitments to CocoonX thus far. 

That being said, the world most move forward, and so must we. And we are very pleased to announce that very soon, you will be seeing artwork from CocoonX's artists here at BabyNimbus. It will be a special / separate line that we will not only showcase the artwork on our onesies, but hopefully, also be able to introduce the pieces and the artists as well. Beginning November 16th, we will start showcasing a Shermaine Sermonia original. From what I'm told, the title is: Yawni.

We decided to use this as the inaugural piece because 1. It was in vector format, and 2. because of the abstract nature of the piece. We feel that it is a nice and obvious departure from the designs that we have showcased thus far. Don't forget, a portion of sales from all of our pieces go directly to the artists/designers/doodlers/illustrators/etc. Thank you for your continued support in local art and local design. 

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