Twelve Days at Koyoti! (A Guest Post)

Twelve Days at Koyoti! (A Guest Post)

I am a recent graduate student from Centennical College School of Business. When I got this opportunity to work in Koyoti Inc. at the end of March, I was so excited because this would be my very first work experience in Canada. I really appreciate the opportunity that I will be having a two-week internship at Koyoti Inc. from April 11 to April 22 and even in this short period of time, I gained valuable experience.

At the beginning day of the internship, I leaned a core concept which I did not understand as deep as I do now. More precisely, creating informative report is one of the essential skills at workplace, which is totally different from what I did at school. As mentioned by Thomas, our boss and career mentor, nowadays people are increasingly getting short attention, thus when we conduct the report, an appropriate format should be seriously considered in terms of the preference of target audience, so that it makes people catch the things they want instead of giving massive information without useful filters. In addition, I also learned about the effective use of Hootsuite could elevate the productivity of social networks and social present for a company.

Another equally significant thing to me was that Thomas taught me about developing script for cold calling. My program is Sales and Account management, and I would possibly pursue a marketing related career in the short future. Therefore, created a sale script was a great training for me. As far as I am considered, script is indispensable and an important part of selling. When I created the script, all reply from customers should be considered properly and preparing is always needed before any calling. There is no doubt that it can provide more opportunities for me to build relationship with customers, when I prepare good script and use it properly. Besides, Thomas also gave me some advices about developing career and improving communication skills.

Besides, there were lots of interesting things during the placement. For example, printing T-shirts and stickers. Koyoti Inc. provides services including brand consulting, logo design, web design and it is currently cooperated with Baby Nimbus which is a quite promising business. Therefore, this company always gets orders to print baby’s clothing, T-shirts and stickers. On the first day of internship, Nadia, our colleague who is the designer at Koyoti Inc. She taught us to print onesies. She showed us how to use the printer and peel the stickers. Sometimes the printer had bad mood, then we might need to be really patient and even search online for resolutions. Nadia always jokes about the printer doesn’t like her.

Though routine work, I learned that working with diligence is an essential quality especially for beginners. The attitude is one of the determinations the performance at workplace, it determines how much time a person would like to contribute to work, and the degree of the quality of the work.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the time at Koyoti Inc. working with such enthusiastic mentors and colleagues. Not only I gained hands-on experience, but also valuable career advice and directions.


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