Dream Big, Start Small - Guest Post

Dream Big, Start Small - Guest Post

The following is a guest post from one of our wonderful interns about their experience working with us:

When spring finally came to Toronto in April, I got the opportunity volunteering at Koyoti Inc., a start-up marketing company located in Toronto.

As people said, new graduates are always dreamer, I am not an exception. I was always dreaming about working at a large marketing company like Unilever. Whereas I ended up having my first internship in a small company, Koyoti Inc. Thomas who is the supervisor and the boss helped a lot during the internship, and Nadia is responsible for all design-related work. Although Koyoti Inc. is currently a company with no more than 3 staff, it takes every small step to become stronger and stronger, and when the business gets mature, it is likely to expand overseas.

Before the internship, I was asked by Thomas to create a report about how to optimize the use of social networks. However, my first version of work was far from his expectations, or in other word, sucks. Actually I provided only an overview of different types of social medias, and it gave no useful information like the target users, pros and cons etc. It was obvious that the report was useless to the company, and I was asked to redo it. Afterwards, I made efforts on research and the second version somehow met Thomas’ expectations. Given this, “knowing customer’s needs” was again emphasized, and it is now never on the text book only.

The routine work in Koyoti was quite simple, just basically helping Nadia with printing and completing orders. In fact, since my placement only lasted for 2 weeks, being involved in even a small project was still highly improbably. While by assisting just the basic work at Koyoti, it provided me with a rough working process of this company, from receiving orders to shipment. Another part of my internship is self-training involving compiling fact-based reports of social networks. In addition to the first report, I was also required to come up with a report of wisely using Hootsuite. Actually I have heard of this platform before but never touched it. By completing this report, I created my own account on Hootsuite to be familiar with various functions and features. As a beginner on Hootsuite, I looked through all the function areas, and decided to create a report regarding the Hootsuite’s applications. I found several apps seem to be quite efficient especially for business users, such as Nimble the CRM system. What is interesting is that another CRM system - has its own free app on Hootsuite, but the system itself would charge at least $25 USD per month. By posting through Hootsuite, I benefited from the great convenience offered by Hootsuite, its smart scheduling feature enables on-time posts wherever you are. When this report was reviewed by Thomas, he suggested another useful app named Riffle on which users can search about other users’ social patterns, tracking their social network activities and areas of interest on Twitter. It is such an easy-to-use and efficient tool to find out what the customers want, their frequency of tweets, and activities breakdown etc. Then it becomes easy to find the right demographics and apply the right media meeting their preference of use. Additionally, Thomas also advised me to enroll in the Hootsuite University to get the certificate because it would be a good credit for future career regarding social networks, I will absolutely consider that. 

In addition to gaining experience in Koyoti Inc., meeting new people was also excited. As the little “minions” of Nadia’s, me and Grace tried to help with anything we could. Nadia is so nice to us, always giving clear demonstrations and advising on our career. Thomas, our food feeder, is way more than a boss, but also an excellent mentor. He not only gave valuable career advice, but he also really wanted us to learn something even the placement was only two-week long. Based on his advice, I learned about my weaknesses in language, and in order to help us in speaking, he insisted using English to communicate with us at the workplace even though he speaks perfect Mandarin and Cantonese.

Overall it was a great memory at Koyoti Inc., gaining my very first work experience in Canada, working with amazing people and everything, and most importantly it did teach me a lesson “dream big, but start small.”


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