FREE Shipping across Canada using code FREESHIP22

FREE Shipping across Canada using code FREESHIP22

October Doodle-Clash!

The last week of every month, we will try to launch two doodles to be our feature item of the (following) month. This week's vote will become our feature item for October. Don't worry, voting doesn't mean buying, but we sure hope that you'll buy the winning doodle also. And if you do buy, you'll be supporting local designs and local designers, as a portion of the proceeds do go to the doodler. So not only are you buying a unique item designed by a local designer, you'll be helping to put their doodles out into the world also!

Well, I hope we've done it correctly, but here we go, help us decide on next month's feature item by voting for your favourite doodle! 

The Skater Bunny was created by doodler Eva
The Upside-Down bird was created by doodler Nancy
You can find out more about our doodlers here.

So please support your favourite design by voting! 


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