Round One..... FIGHT!

I'm not gonna lie. I grew up playing Street Fighter II at the arcade and at the local convenient store. I don't think I can even venture a guess the number of hours I lost (or quarters I squandered) out of my youth from this activity. Unfortunately, most of the time, I got my rear end handed to me. While the graphics are nothing to write home about by today's standard, some of the "quotes" from the game have become iconic staples in people of my generation. One such, being, "Round One. FIGHT!"

So why am I talking about this and what on earth does this have to do with Baby Nimbus? We decided that we are going to endeavour to present to the public 2 designs to vote upon. The winner will be our featured item for the following month. We've reached out to our doodle squad to start preparing for the inaugural vote. Sometimes we will be offering a theme or some form of direction, but for the inaugural battle, we have simply asked them to submit anything that they can dream up.

How it works:

Every month, the doodle squad will be submitting to us a doodle or two. The last week of every month, we will post them online for people to start voting. The design with the most votes will become our featured item for the following month. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to the doodler. We will also interview the doodler for more information about them and about their work.

Why we're doing this:

We're hoping that this not only provides the doodlers with a platform to display their talents and get a little bit of notice and exposure, but also an opportunity for them to hear back directly from the public of what people think about their designs / doodles.

The proof is in the........onesie:

Social media has trained us to be click happy and "LIKE" almost anything and everything that makes us giggle, laugh, cry, or sigh. And while all this is great for feedback and a wonderful tool to see which designs people like, buying the winning onesie will the ultimate proof to the doodler exactly how much people like their design.

We're very much hoping that this new format will be able to take shape soon. We will be launching it as soon as our doodlers shoot us a doodle or three.

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